Posted On: 04-February-2022


It is a new year, and as clichéd as it may sound, a new year means a new wave of plans and investments. We being one of the top lending companies in Vizag we ensure safe investments that good your give returns. To stabilize your finances, you may require certain loans. Here are the different types of loans that you could avail under Eswari Capital in order to stabilize your long term finances.

Different types of loans at Eswari Capital

Business Loans

If you’re some businessman, or a self-employed personality, you may find it as the right time for you to expand your business and explore different techniques and ideas. The first thing you require when you think of achieving such goals is finance or capital. You might even find out that you are in need of capital that may call for some financial support. ESWARI CAPITAL is that one resort that give you the required assistance to help you reach your desired goal. There are not one but many business loans available in today’s market. Similarly, ESWARI CAPITAL has various business loan options to offer you. You get a variety of repayment options when you opt for these loans. There are different interest rates for different kinds of loans but one thing is sure that you get variety. With technological development and modernisation, applying for these loans online has become convenient for overall customers. Due to its easy process and a hassle-free method the general public prefers it.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are loans provided by our finance group to provide you financial assistance or support irrespective of what your need is. ESWARI CAPITAL is that one group to provide you easy and hassle free personal loans. The disbursal of money is easy and swift. These loans are provided to meet your financial requirement for a marriage taking place in your family, to fund a vacation, for the reconstruction and renovation of your property or for purchase of some expensive products that you cannot instantly afford.

Home Loans

Usually the loans to purchase a property or a home is provided by banking institutions. These loans are secured loans provided in order to help your purchase your desired property or a home. The interest rates offered can be both fixed or flexible. The loan amount is easily paid in a number of instalments on a monthly basis over a specified tenure. Using these loans you can purchase both a residential property or a commercial property, the choice and requirement being yours.

Small Cash Loans

You might reach a point in life where you may require financial requirement. This are generally known as financial emergencies. Expenditures, spending and unexpected costs may cause a threat to your finances. Here is where we come to your rescue. If you do not have an immediate cash support available to you, we can provide you small cash loans in the span of just 24hrs. With small cash loans you’ll be able to borrow up to Rs50,000.

 Education Loans

Your child may be dreaming of exploring and expanding his or her career with educational opportunities. And these are not free of cost. It requires a huge sum of money. If you wish to get your child enrolled in any professional or vocational courses, then you could opt for an educational loan to fund their educational aims.

Loan Against Property

A loan that is provided to you in exchange of a property that you own is a mortgage loan or a loan against property. People usually apply for these loans in order to settle debts, to meet medical emergencies, for business growth, etc.

You can try for these loans whenever you may require financial assistance. But do get to know about your lender’s terms and conditions before you actually apply for these loans.