Give your Home a makeover with Affordable Home Improvement Loans

Posted On: 14-July-2022


All of us have this one common dream of having a house of our own. Our dream home doesn't just mean a roof over our head, but it also showcases our style as well as personality. To keep your dream home in proper condition you must get it renovated time to time for you to maintain it. We're sure beauty and aesthetics of your home matters to you as much as it matters to us. But renovating or maintaining the good condition of your house isn't cost free. It surely requires adequate amount of money which you may not have at present. So what can you do about situations like this? For situations like this ESWARI CAPITAL provide personal loan for home renovation which you can use to renovate your home from time to time.

What Is Home Improvement Loan?

Home improvement loans are loans that you can avail in order to fund the renovation, modification or refurbishment of your sweet home. These loans are similar to home loans, the difference being home loans are given for the purchase of homes and these are given for home improvement purposes.

Home improvement loans are flexible loans that you can use for a range of activities like repairs, extension, flooring, and painting of your entire house. However, you cannot utilise it for building furniture, fixtures or furnishings.

Like all kinds of loans you'll require documents for home loan renovation. You can apply for this loan either individually or jointly. A Home Improvement Loan generally provides a higher quantum of finance in comparison to personal loan. Hence, this is a suitable option for those customers who want a higher loan amount.

The interest rates of home improvement loans are much lower in comparison to personal loans.

Customers have the option to avail home improvement loan for longer tenure. Longer tenors allow customers to spread their expenses over a longer time frame, this reduces the EMI amount.

You can use this loan for renovation of your house. If you want to enhance the appearance of your existing house and running short on funds you can go for this home improvement loan option. You can use the fund to plaster, paint, or floor your home.