Posted On: 03-March-2022


Those who say that you can make money only when you spend money are right. If your business is stagnant and you want it to grow, you do have to be flexible in terms of investing more money that any necessary growth may require. Your expenses in terms of buying equipments, or for posting advertisements may increase. These aren't the only costs you're bearing when you are running a business. In fact, these are additional expenses together with you expenditure for your business. Therefore financing all of these may seem to be tricky specially when your business is not doing that well. You can't can’t grow unless you spend enough.

But what if you can't afford to invest given the state of your working capital? There's solution to almost everything. So, how can this problem not carry a solution with it? A small business loan is a solution to problems like this one. You wouldn't probably think of taking a debt given your financial situation due to low growth rate in your marketing firm. In situations like this getting a business loan can help you finance your expenses in a way that'll bring you positive outcomes, thereby increasing the returns.

Given below are the 5 reasons why your business may need a loan:

1. Expansion

Most of the businessmen and entrepreneurs avail the option of small business loans for business financing only when they are planning to expand their business. Since business is something that requires a huge capital you may run out of money, and your operational funds may be at stake. To avoid this you can always opt for small business loans that'll certainly cover the expenses of expanding your business which will help you to continue impressing and attracting your customers while growing your business. But you must do it only when you're business is doing well, or growing. You must not think of expanding your business when it's not doing that well.

2. Inventory

Without inventory your business is good for nothing. In fact inventory is everything that you require for your business to be running. Before your customers buy products from you, you have to invest on them to keep its collection. Therefore, the one on whom the first expense depends is you. Once you buy the inventory and sell it off, you have to keep replenishing it and expanding it to keep up with your customer's demand. If your business runs mostly on trends then you are required to keep altering your inventory keeping up with the demand in market, and this would therefore increase your expenditure. What can really help in these situations is a small loan that will help you to keep up with demands without affecting your cash flow.

3. Cash Flow

Cash flow has always been a challenge mostly for the small business owners. The problem of cash flow arises when you have customers who do not pay instantly or on time, and also when you have unsold inventory that needs to be sold in order for the new products to come in. This affects you more when you're depending on your inventory for all the regular fundings. In these cases, a short term loan may be used to operate your regular business financing. This will help your business from getting drowned.

4. Equipment

Equipments are indispensable for every kind of business. Be it any business but equipments are something required by all, though they vary depending on the business type. Every business has equipments that's necessary to the job, it can be a machinery, or something that your customers use or anything else. Equipments are things that are easy to expensive and they also wear down with time. Sometimes a machinery may need a replacement too, and because it costs a great deal, it might create a problem to your budget, but you got no option as you cannot do without the machinery. These situations are handled well only by using small financial services provided by various financial institutions that help in managing the costs of equipments while your keeping your customers close.

5. To Improve Terms On A Larger Loan

First thing first, if your business doesn't have any credit history, you may never be eligible to get future business loans. Therefore if you're planning on expanding your business, or if you're planning to purchase an equipment, it would be smart of you to first take a smaller loan. If you have a small easy to pay loan's history, it would certainly impact your credit score, which in turn will make you easily eligible for larger financial services. But what you should remember is the fact that the better your credit history is the better will be your eligibility score. And your credit score is in your hand, thus to improve our build a good credit score, one should always repay loans on time with interest without failure.

Though we do not encourage debts, specially for the small business owners, but there are times when it becomes necessary to avail loans. Therefore, before you actually make your mind for a loan option, you must reasonably measure the pros and cons of it. At least that's what we at ESWARI CAPITAL have to advise you.