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  • The only platform offering pre-approved exclusive loans to our eligible clients through hassle free procedures.
  • Find answers to all your financial complications through us. To be eligible for a loan amount, our clients need not have to go through hectic process of loan approval.
  • Everything is made simple, easy and reliable keeping your interest in mind as the focal point.

"Our equal loan distribution services are provided keeping your best interest in mind. We’re your one stop for all borrowing solutions. Our professional teams take care of you with the entire process of loan application and approval. So sit back and relax while we do it all. "

  • Having your loan approved is now made easy and quick with online application and instant approval.

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Personal Loan

Eswari Capital is the solution to all your financial requirements. If you’re willing to buy an apartment, or get your home renovated, or if you want financial aid for education this is the right platform. You can also finance any big event or medical emergency with our exclusive loan offers. These loans are easier to be approved than the rest and these could be taken for any personal cause.

Business Loans

Starting your business is no more a problem since Eswari Capital is now here to help you establish your business be it small scale or large scale. You may need these loans for starting your business or for giving your stagnant business a boost. We do everything possible to bring you the best loan options to our customers and let them reach the peak of their growth.

Loan Against Property

We are more than glad to introduce you to loan against your commercial or residential property. These funds can be used for multiple purposes. You can avail these loans services for any personal use, all we grant it against is your most suitable property.

Home Loan

Home loans are generally approved for purchase of property, or Construction of apartments, or it might be for renovation of your age old home. These loans are provided for anything related to home building or home transforming.

Your Financial Support

Pay your bills on time to be remembered. Managing your financial requirements with utmost importance. Getting you financial assistance close-at-hand.


Eswari Capital


Eswari Capital



Check Eligibility

To be able to be eligible for the personal loans our company provides, what’s mandatory is the data about your current income. What also in crucial is the nature of work you do and the company you’re employed at. We collect data regarding your ongoing and past EMIs that help us gather your credit score. Your CIBIL score alone is the most important determining factor in your pre approved loan.

For business loans we gather data of your last few year’s business financials. Your current growth helps us build that trust with our clients. Checking the company’s CIBIL score as a whole and also the information about current or past EMIs helps in easy loan release.

Loans against property are delivered when we as a company track the current value of your property and it's current status. Not just this, even your current income and your stability of employment matters in this case and you must have a positive ś credit score to be able to be eligible for these loans.

For home loans to one must have a stable and secure job. It is important for our company to collect data of your income rate. Like any other your CIBIL score plays an important role in availing you home loans. The better your CIBIL score is the more easy it is for you to get these loans approved.

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